Delaware Private Investigator License

Delaware Private Investigator License

To gain a Delaware private investigator license it is important to know the general rules. A few standards are demanded here. This means that merely meeting the standards of this profession in character is an advantage. Consequently, if you are an inquisitive, stubborn, and strong-willed person, this official permission is for you. Meanwhile, do not forget to be polite and tolerant with your client.

After all, the success of your independent work depends on your skills and knowledge.

How do you become a private investigator in Delaware?

If you want to know how to start your business in this field follow the steps listed below:

  • The minimum age requirement-21
  • Be a citizen of the US or a registered resident
  • Own an HSD or GED
  • Pass fingerprint process
  • Possess a job at a licensed agency before applying for a permit
  • Not to hold any felony convictions such as theft, moral and drug offenses (otherwise you will be automatically disqualified)

Required training courses and application cost

You do not need to take any training course to acquire a PI authorization. But to develop your skills and knowledge you may participate in any educational program.

On the contrary, if you wish to obtain a firearm status a 40-hour series of lectures is obligatory.

Before submitting the necessary documentation, you should fill out the application form. Next, make a payment of $69 for the processing. Besides, the cost of the submission is $85. Finally, you have to pay an additional $20 after completing the entire transaction.

You will receive a letter with further instructions at the end.

To get a red card in Delaware

In this section, you have the opportunity to learn all information about obtaining the red card. You must:

  • be no less than 21 years old;
  • hold a legally acceptable yellow card;
  • take a firearms course consisting of 40 hours with a certified trainer; (After completing the program of study, eligible candidates obtain a shot sheet. And then they need to present it to professional licensing as part of the application process.)
  • provide fulfilled shot sheets for one day and one dim light shoot during the petition.

After all, you should complete a fingerprint requirement and image process in one of these places:

  • DSP Troop 2/Newark (Delaware State Police)
  • Dover SBI office (State Bureau of Identification)

You must get a red identification card based on a yellow one. But you can take both at the same time paying an $85 fee after taking your shoot sheet. If you apply late, an additional $30 will be added.

After endorsement and presentation of the shot sheet, you may obtain ID in the mail.

How much does hiring a private investigator cost in Delaware?

The cost depends on the variety of the cases. Even more, there can be differences between cities. But in general, the average cost ranges from $1,179 to $1,796.

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