Delaware Business License

Delaware Business License

Delaware is considered one of the most beneficial US states to build a business due to its favorable taxation system and is one of the top 5 tax-friendly states in the USA. If you are planning to start a business in Delaware, you should get to know the laws, regulations and learn how to get a Delaware business license.

You might think that it is easy, there is just one license needed but actually, it’s not like that. There are a few nuances that you should know before getting into a business. You can use our Delaware business license lookup service to search for previous business and corporation formations.

Is Delaware a good place to start a business?

Absolutely, yes. Delaware is a great place to start a business thanks to its liability and asset protection system. Ownership privacy is also available there, you get light taxation, a beneficiary legal system for disputes, etc.

Is a business license required in Delaware?

To keep it short, yes. Each and every Delaware business and non-business has to have an annual state business license. State of Delaware business license lookup is available on their official website. There are different requirements for incorporations and businesses. Find your business type on the gov website.

How do I get a business license in Delaware?

Let’s start with the DE business license lookup. To get a business license in Delaware you should first decide on your business type because the laws may change due to entity type, location, and other circumstances. There is an in-detail legal business structure table to study thoroughly before determining the business type.

Also, on the official State of Delaware website, they have a business registration chart consisting of overall 8 steps to guide business owners on their first steps.

After successfully completing your business registration steps, you should apply for a State of Delaware Business License from the Delaware Division of Revenue.

There are three possible ways to obtain your business license in DE:

  • Register on the One Stop Business Licensing and Renewal Service website
  • Fill in the Delaware CRA form and send it over
  • Call at (302) 577-8778 to get a license via mail

How much does a Delaware business license cost?

Generally, the annual fee is $75.00 for the first location but it may vary. For each separate business operation, you have to own a separate business license. After the first year of operation, a three-year business license is also available. However, there is no discount, you pay the same regular fee tripled. There are some exceptions depending on the age called senior citizen discount. Individuals over 65 years old individuals can get a 75% discount on annual license fees if they meet all the eligibility criteria.

How do I get a copy of my Delaware business license?

To get a copy of your Delaware business license you should contact the Division of Revenue that issues licenses. You can contact them to get more info at 302-577-8200.

How do I find my Delaware business license number?

After getting through all the legal procedures and finally getting your license issued you can go to the official website of the State of Delaware and find Delaware Business License Lookup Section there. You can search for the specific business by its name, address, city, business activity, etc. So it is made very easy for your to find your business license number.

Other Specification

There might arise a need for additional business licenses based on where you are going to operate you can check more info here.
And some business types are required to be licensed from other state agencies, too. Check out whether your business type is among those.

If your business will have employees then you should also register your business with the Delaware Department of Labor’s Division of Unemployment Insurance and the Division of Workers Compensation. In case you are not planning to have employees, there is no need to register there.

These are the main things you need to know before starting a business in Delaware. Now you have all the resources to find the answers to all your questions to successfully launch your business.

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