Delaware Banned License Plates

Delaware Banned License Plates

The vanity license plate is the main proof of the vehicle and its owner registration in Delaware. Also, vanity tags are one of the custom plates that Delaware DMV suggests.

This kind of tag presents a unique combination of five to seven elements, including letters, digits, hyphens, and spaces. But, the Division of Motor Vehicles and the Dover Administrative Office can reject some of those tags that have offensive meaning.

These two organizations supervise to judge any illegal or offensive combination of license plates people apply. So, Delaware banned license plates play an important role in driving and owning a vehicle.

Banned Vanity Plates in Delaware

The Delaware branch of DMV and DAO will reject a certain vanity plate in some cases:

  • If the tag combination consists of racial, ethnic, sexual, religious discriminations.
  • If the plate has vulgar language and offensive phrases.

The Official Departments of Motor Vehicles and Dover Administrative refuse the vanity plates in the following circumstances:

  • If the combination includes “O and I” letters. At the same time, these letters must not follow the digits.
  • The DMV does not accept “0 and 1” digits, too.
  • The tags cannot consist of all numbers.
  • Besides spaces, hyphens, and ampersand, no other symbols are not accepted.
  • Also, your vanity plate cannot have prefixes of specialty license plates.

Furthermore, there are some fixed prefixes that Delaware official departments do not allow using.

  • Prefixes starting with the letter “A” and “C”: “CL”, “CT”, and “CY”.
  • Combinations that include “D”, “DX”, and “DL”.
  • The one that begins with “F” followed by “I”, “L”, “M”.  They are “FD”, “FT”, “FV”, “LX”, “MC”, “MP”, and “MH”.
  • “PS”, “PT”,” R”, “RT”, and “RV” are not acceptable, too.
  • “S”, “SR” followed by prefixes start with “T” and “U” will be rejected.

There are so-called black/white plates in Delaware that not everyone can receive and uses.

Instead of blue/gold tags, the black/white tags are provided for low-numbered combinations.

Delaware banned license custom plates

You may order a custom plate in the motor vehicle service in the State of Delaware. The DMV is responsible for getting customized and personalized vanity tags.

The fee for a customized vanity plate is $40 for a year. You can receive it by completing the proper application form at your local DMV office. The final custom tag will be ready after sixty days.

The person can order personalized or customized plates in case of being registered.

Also, you can renew your custom tag both in person and by e-mail. For renewing registration, you should have a vehicle used for four years. Besides, your vehicle must weigh 1000 pounds.

For in-person renewal, you should apply to motor vehicle service and have the required documents:

  1. Your driver’s license.
  2. Car insurance proof.
  3. The previous registration.
  4. The renewal process will cost $20.

In case of a lost or stolen custom plate, you need to pay $10 for replacing or getting a new one.

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