Delaware License Plate Lookup

Delaware License Plate Lookup

​If you want to drive any type of vehicle in Delaware, you will need to get information about the license plates. This article will allow you to get all the needed information about the forms and types of license plates and the required fees.

In case of stolen, damaged or lost license plates you need to visit your local Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). You should request a replacement. And the cost for the replacement will be $15 including the registration fee ($10) and sticker fee ($5).

In the State of Delaware, you will find the Special, Military, College, and Vanity plates. Also you may find a large variety of specialty license plates in this State each one carrying a unique aim.

Black and white license plates.

Black and white license plates carry a prestigious sign in the State of Delaware. Statistics confirm that people pay thousands of dollars for those plates.

Yet there are some required rules for the black and white plates in Delaware. These are the historic reproductions and only The Delaware Historic Plate Co. may publish them. So you may gain a historic replica plate by law. You should issue the number first before the plates are made with porcelain and stainless steel.

To have a porcelain plate your number should match the following qualifications:

  •  The number should not be higher than 86999 without letters on the front.
  •  It could not be higher than C9999 with a letter on the front side.
  •  You can order a dealer license plate for a Delaware Motor vehicle facility. This can not exceed D9999.

You may distinguish the porcelain plates with a diamond separator between the 3rd and 4th numbers on the right side of the plate.

The other type is a plate made with stainless steel. The numbers on it can not be higher than:

  • 200000 without a letter on the front side.
  •  PC9999.
  •  C50000.
  •  You can order the dealer’s license at the DMV and can not exceed D9999.

You need to provide a photo of the registration card with the number of the tag.

There are also special plates in the State of Delaware. These help to raise funds for environmental, animal welfare, etc.

You need to pay some fee for these plates annually to your local DMV.

You must get a license plate from the local DMV or an authorized company. In other cases, it is illegal to get unauthorized plates.

The letters – Delaware license plates lookup

The Delaware license plates are formed with up to 7 characters. Here are some prefixes, that you will notice on the license plate:

  • CL means “Commercial”. You can use it mostly for trucks and vans. CL represents the first and last letters of the word “Commercial”.
  • PC means the “Passenger cars” or “Pleasure commercial”. This is used mostly for station wagons, SUV’s and passenger vans.
  • T is for “Trailers”.
  • CT stands for the “Trailers of the construction companies”.
  • FT is for a “Farm truck”.
  • MC is for a “Simple motorcycle”.
  • MOP is used for the “Mopeds”.
  • UD serves the “University of Delaware”.
  • WC is for the “Wilmington College”.

Custom license plates in Delaware

You can order a Delaware personalized license plate at the local DMV. The process will take up to six weeks. You can order the plate if you are a registered owner and the needed plate is registered at the DMV before the issuance.

The fee for this type of license is $40 per year. You should pay this fee in addition to the vehicle registration annual fee.

The State law allows the individual to have a letter or a combination of letters on the license plate. But the quantity of the letters and numerals can not exceed 7 characters. In the case of motorcycles, the number of characters on the license plate can not exceed 5 characters. In this case, all the characters including space, a hyphen, etc are counted as one character.

Delaware license plate owner information

If you like to identify the vehicle owner, then you may do it by using the license plate number. Even though the information is limited, but you may find some important facts about the vehicle itself. If you have a valid reason that complies with the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA), then you may obtain additional information. This includes his/her criminal background and the vehicle’s history, especially its accident history.

You may find all the mentioned information by using so-called third-party providers, which are some chosen websites. These websites give you information taken from the DMV, court, vital statistics databases, etc.

You may search the owner of the vehicle using the VIN of the license plate.

The license plate search is the number one issue for all the drivers, who want to buy a used car. So they may get a full report about all the cars if they get access to the Internet.

You do not even need to search via VIN. You need to type the license plate number in the Delaware license plate search. And the result will appear in a short frame of time.

The service can provide information about standard and personalized license plates.

Types of license plates in Delaware

You may find different tags for the license plates in Delaware.

  • Special plates:
    You may order these plates in the case of Environmental and Animal Welfare plates. This is not permitted for passenger vehicles and trucks with less than a 3/4 ton weight rating.
  • College plates:
    As you may guess from the name of the plate, these types of plates are referred to the colleges and Universities.
  • Military plates:
    These plates are for the passenger cars and trucks whose empty weight does not exceed 16000 pounds. These plates can be fastened also on noncommercial, recreation vehicles and motorcycles.
  • Vanity plates:
    The DMV always sells the vanity plates to the drivers, who want to have them. It has an extra fee, which is $40 annually. But in this case, if the vanity plate is considered offensive or it makes a conflict with the existing license plate, then the DMV will not approve it.

Lost, stolen, damaged license plates

If your license was lost, damaged, or stolen, then you need to replace it quickly to avoid expensive prices.

In case of stolen, damaged, or lost license plates, you need to visit your local DMV in person to get a replacement. The DMV does not accept vehicle registration documentation online or via Email. You need to present the following documents:

  • The insurance policy of your current car.
  • The number of your license plate.
  • Registration card fee ($10) and sticker fee ($5).

It is very important to report to the local police about the stolen or lost license plate. In this case, someone may try to steal your personal information along with the license plate.

Variety of specialty license plates

The specialty license plates are allowed to passenger vehicles or trucks whose weight does not exceed 3/4b ton.

Here you may find a large variety of specialty license plates in the State of Delaware.

“Pollinator” specialty license plate

By purchasing this license plate, you can support the pollinator habitat creation. The fee for this license plate is $50.

“Bicycle Friendly” specialty license plate

You may promote non-motorized transportation for the residents of the State by getting this license plate. The fee is $40.

License plate for “The State Education Association”

You can celebrate the Delaware State Education Association’s 100th anniversary by purchasing this license. The fee for this license is $15.

“Stop Child Abuse” license plate

You will transfer the $50 fee to the Protecting Delaware’s Children fund by getting this license plate.

License plate for “The animal welfare”

The paid $50 will go to the organizations or veterinary clinics to provide shelters for dogs and cats.

“Environmental” license plates

These license plates cost $50. And the paid fee goes to the various environmental projects.

“The recreational fishing” license plate

You will promote fresh and saltwater fishing in the State by purchasing this license plate.

“Agricultural Farmland Preservation” plate

The $50 fee for this plate will go to the projects related to the preservation of the farmlands in the State of Delaware.

“The equine council” license plate

All the fees for this license plate support the different branches of the equine industry in the State.

“Keep Delaware Beautiful’ license plate

The $50 that you pay for this license plate will go to the “Keep Delaware Beautiful” fund.

“Organizational” license plates

The members of various groups and organizations can get these specialty license plates. And there are also specialty license plates for non-profit organizations.

Some vanity license plates may be rejected for one or more reasons, check out our Delaware Banned License Plates page for more details.

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