Delaware Tattoo License

Delaware Tattoo License

Do you aspire to become a body artist in Delaware? You need to learn in-details about the Delaware tattoo license, such as the state requirements, application process, and more. Everything is thoroughly covered in this article.

How to get a license to tattoo?

To start your career in this field, you should familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of licensing. The license issuance is controlled by the Delaware Health and Social Services.

According to the law, body art establishments should obtain state licensure from the aforementioned authority. However, individuals are free of this requirement when carrying out this type of work.

Main Requirements

If you want to launch a business in this area and have a physical address and everything, you must apply for the licensure.

The Department establishes sets of rules and regulations for tattooing and permanent makeup art businesses.  Apart from the state demands, local counties may also have their separate requirements and rules of licensure. For that reason, we recommend contacting your county’s office to learn about local prerequisites as well.

Now, let’s point out the minimum standards for the DE tattoo permits:

  • Have a written application form where the name, location, and type of ownership (such as partnership, LLC, etc.) should be included
  • Present personal information of the applicant (if it’s a partnership or corporation, their info too) such as age, DE driver’s license, etc.
  • Complete first aid training
  • Have proof of completion of universal precautions against bloodborne pathogens
  • Own Infection Prevention and Control Plan
  • Possess an approval from the zoning department
  • 3 character references with their names and addresses (They should live in the same area and must not be family members or business partners.)

Counties in Delaware may require individual licensing for tattooists as well. For instance, in the city of Lewes, you must hold a permit to operate works. So, in the next paragraph, we shall cover the essentials for the individual permit in this county.

Applying for permits in the city of Lewes, Delaware

Tattooists or piercing artists here should have permission to work legally. To obtain it, you should file a written form with the city manager by including the following details in there:

  • Name, address, and the location of the body art establishment where you shall work
  • Your personal information such as full name, age, home address, etc.
  • A statement from an authorized doctor who proves the examination of the applicant within 30 days of the application date
  • City-level authorization to investigate the truth of the statements

Prior to the issuance of the permission, the manager should sign the approval of the application. It will take up to 45 days to review your submission and get back to you. Moreover, in order to learn more about the city-level rules and regulations check out the General Legislation Article II.

Processing fees

In the state of Delaware, the body art licensure costs $100 and is valid for a year. The renewal costs $100.  Make sure to renew it every year to keep operating your business.

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