Delaware Insurance License

Delaware Insurance License

In this article we are going to discuss the process of getting an insurance license in Delaware, the main advantages of obtaining and maintaining it, and how renewal of the Delaware insurance license works.

Is it hard to get your insurance license in Delaware?

Assuming you already got your insurance license and are in need of renewing it, where do you apply? How much does it cost to get a Delaware insurance license? How long does it take to receive it? This article will guide you through all of these main queries in relation to the insurance license and its regulations.

Any legal information can be accessed through State website of Delaware where there is also a Delaware insurance license lookup option, an online verification service to search and find out the status of the licensee. This tool also helps to learn about the status of DE insurance agents and producers.

How long does it take to get an insurance sales license in Delaware?

Determined to become an insurance agent, remember that you must be at least 18 years old and hold an insurance license. Unlike many other states, DE doesn’t require pre-licensing credits before the exam making your pre-license course studying process completely up to you. The state exam comprises of two separate parts dealing with general insurance knowledge and the state part regarding laws and rules applied exclusively in Delaware. Once you have completed the state exam, you’ll be shortly notified whether your score was enough to pass the exam, or you failed. The multiple-choice examination set by the State DE department is scaled from 0-100, where to pass the exam you need at least 70-80 rate.

Make sure to schedule your exam 24 hours before the day of the examination. Every attempt of examination cost $90 and it should be paid during reservation.

Reservation is made online or by phone, calling Pearson VUE’s Call Center at 800-274-0455. Prior to the exam keep in mind that you need to provide your fingerprint for the background report (costs $70) which will be checked and forwarded directly to The Insurance Department.

If you pass the exam, you are qualified to apply for a license which can be accessed through the official website of the Delaware State Department of Insurance.

How much does a license to sell insurance cost in Delaware?

There are different insurance policies to sell, so as an insurance agent, before the exam, better decide what type of insurance license you want to own. Among the common types are life & health, property & casualty insurances. The total cost of an online application is $105 where $100 is for the license fee and $5 for the NPR transaction. As soon as you send a copy of your exam report and submit your application, it will take up to 14 days to get your insurance license ready.

Individual licensees willing to renew their license don’t have to pass the state exam again although 24 hours credit of continuing education is a must. Every two years your license should be renewed which costs $100. The expiration date is on the last day of February while the renewal of your insurance license starts on December 1st.

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