Delaware Barber License

Delaware Barber License

There is a set of requirements and qualifications that you have to meet to obtain a Delaware barber license. To make your job easier, we are going to guide you through all the necessary steps in the smoothest way possible.

How to get a Delaware barber license

The Board of Cosmetology and Barbering regulates licensing procedures in the state. Thus, it manages the functions of people that work in the field and sets the scope of services that hairdressers may provide;

  • hair cutting
  • shaving
  • trimming beards
  • shampooing
  • giving facial or scalp massages
  • hair treatment

There is a list of requirements for a hairdresser accreditation:

  • You must be of age 16 or above.
  • Have a tenth-grade education or equivalent.
  • Complete a minimum of a 1500-hour training or a 3000-hour hands-on course with a master hairstylist.
  • Pass written and practical tests.


After completing the training, you will have basic skills and knowledge in your sphere. Yet, you still have to pass the exams. For that, you should apply online, as paper forms are no longer accepted. You can create an account and submit your request on DELPROS. Once you have submitted your request, the committee will review it and get back to you with a confirmation letter.

Upon completing the test, you’ll receive a scheduled date for the practical one, which is going to take place in Newark. For the diploma, you must score 75 or higher for both of them.

According to the law, you may pass both exams within two calendar years, starting from the day of your appeal. If you do not manage to do so, you can wait and re-apply one year from the last examination.

How long does the licensing process take place?

Once your request is approved, you’ll receive a letter of a Theory Authorization to Test (ATT) via email within one business day. Afterward, within ten business days, you’ll get an email with information about your practical exam’s date and place.

Further, you will receive a Notice of Completion in 10 working days, and the Board of Cosmetology will issue a certificate to you.

Delaware Barber License Fees

The fee for both written and practical tests is $218. Retaking them will cost you $145.

How to renew the permit

The hairdresser certificate expires on March 31 of every even-numbered year. As a certified professional, you’ll get a renewal notice a couple of weeks before the expiration date. In general, you receive complete information on filling in your online renewal application via email. The same process may be seen in Indiana, too.

Renew or Reinstate

If your document has been expired for less than five years, you may renew it through the Board of Licensing. If it’s lapsed for more than the above-mentioned period, you should apply to restore it.

After reviewing your request, the committee will send you the registration form along with the information you need.

For reinstatement, you have to pass the practical examination again. You should keep in mind that it is illegal to continue working while having an outdated permit.

How to transfer the license from another state?

Annually, thousands of hairdressers move to live and work in other regions. Although some states have the same requirements, others may vary depending on the jurisdiction. Therefore, you need to file a reciprocity application when practicing in another location.

For transferring your existing permit, you have to

  • File an Application for License by Reciprocity.
  • Make the non-refundable fee.
  • Attach the active document you hold.
  • Lastly, arrange a certificate verification sent from the current location to the Board office.

If your credentials do not correspond with the demands of Delaware, you should also submit a document proving that you have at least three years of experience in your field.

Master Barber Requirements

Master hair-stylists are allowed to perform additional services which involve;

  • chemical processing
  • hair coloring
  • permanent waving

To become a master specialist, you must first obtain a barber permit and have additional 600-hour training with a certified professional.

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